Meiosis, at the
heart of genetics

Meiosis is a developmental program that is indispensable for gamete formation and sexual reproduction.

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November 10 2022

We welcome

Cristina Quesada CandelaCristina Quesada Candela and Martin XaverMartin Xaver to our SFB community. Both were awarded VIP2 fellowships (…).
Both are highly knowledgable meiosis researchers. Cristina will work with Verena Jantsch and Martin will be working with Joao Matos.

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Meiosis is the key to heredity, fertility and commercial breeding.


Expanding on existing strengths
Austria hosts research groups with a long-standing interest in meiosis, chromosome dynamics, gametogenesis and evolution. Scientists in this SFB address scientific questions centered on different aspects of meiosis using a set of model systems and state-of-the-art technologies.

Bringing the idea to practice
All running projects require expertise that goes beyond that covered by each group. The joint know-how will enable the 9 participating groups to establish innovative approaches to explore challenging aspects of meiosis.