Franz Klein


The Klein lab focuses on the interplay between chromosome structure, such as loop and axis formation and meiosis specific processes, such as programmed DSB formation, repair, recombination and chiasma based segregation. By studying these processes, we developed surface spread technology for yeast and discovered DNA repair functions such as Com1/Sae2’s and Mre11’s role in meiotic DSB repair and recently Vpr1. We also discovered Rec8 as the meiotic kleisin, and that it recruits the axial element components Red1 and Hop1 to mediate inter-homolog bias. Our latest finding, that double-stranded fragments arise as a byproduct of Spo11 cleavage yields important insights into the molecular details of DSB formation. 

+43 1 4277 56220 


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Max Perutz Labs
Dr. Bohrgasse 9, Room 5.114
1030, Vienna, Austria

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