Peter Schlögelhofer


Peter Schlögelhofer’s research focuses on meiotic DNA repair and recombination, mostly in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. His laboratory characterizes cis and trans acting factors that mediate meiotic DSB formation, DSB processing and homologous recombination, and aims at understanding the mechanisms that govern and co-ordinate these processes. P. Schlögelhofer is also interested in understanding the differences regarding DNA repair in somatic and meiotic cells. Embedded in these over-arching research themes he characterized key factors of meiotic recombination (Kerzendorfer et al., 2006; Vignard et al., 2007; Uanschou et al., 2007; Kurzbauer et al., 2018), described atypical modes of meiosis (Cabral et al., 2014, Sims et al., 2019), studied mechanistic details of recombination (Kurzbauer et al., 2012; Uanschou et al., 2013; Rampler et al., 2015; Vrielynck et al., 2021) and gained insights into the DNA damage response signaling cascade (Roitinger et al., 2015; Kurzbauer et al., 2021).

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Max Perutz Labs,
Dr. Bohrgasse 9, Room 5.623
1030, Vienna, Austria

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