1st Annual SFB Meiosis Retreat

September 26 2023

Since this summer was very busy with hosting the EMBO Meiosis meeting in Austria, the 1st SFB Meiosis annual retreat took place from September 18-20 in Retz.
All trainees from all the SFB participating labs presented their work either as talks or posters. All the SFB projects were presented and lively discussed.
Our new colleague Pim Huis in t’Veld, who recently joined the Max Perutz Labs as a new group leader at the Department of Biochemistry was our special guest. He gave a stimulating talk about his future research plans on chromosome bridges and their resolution in anaphase.
Several talk and poster sessions were flanked by a hike through the vineyards or alternatively a guided tour through the famous wine cellars underneath the city center of Retz. Finally, we ended up at the “Mühlenheurige” with a lovely sunset.

group picture landscape socializing sunset

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